Roadshow Brussels, Belgium, 21st May 2015

1. Migration to IPv6: critical and urgent

2. GEN6: The Idea - The Results

3. IPv6 and Energy Efficiency in School Networks

4. IPv6 in Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Systems Experience

5. IPv6-enabled cloud services in the election scenario

6. e-Government Gateway

7. Transition of a municipal data centre to IPv6

8. IPv6 in cross border applications - GEN6

9. Address considerations and planning for governments

10. IPv6 Awareness in national governments

11. Self assessment by impact monitoring

12. IPv6 state overview for governments and academie

13. IPv6 use monitoring at academic clients

14. IPv6 Academic Pilot



Roadshow Lisbon, Portugal, 9th April 2015

1. Opening Remarks - IPv6 take-up by public administrations - Jorge Pereira, CE 

2. Introduction to IPv6 – The inevitability of IPv6 in Public Administation
Mário de Almeida, ISOC Portugal

3. Perspectiva da PT - Perspective of Portugal Telecom - Jorge Bonifácio, PT

4. IPv6: which are the challenges?
Vitor Calçada, Vodafone

5. Evolution to IPv6 in the Government backbone
Cmd. Manuel Honorato, Director do CEGER 

6. The Introduction of IPv6 in Academic Networks and Portuguese Public Administration
João Nuno Ferreira, Vogal do Conselho Diretivo da FCT I.P.

7. GEN6 Overview
Uwe Holzmann Kaiser, Fraunhofer Fokus, Germany

8. A concept for the national IPv6-addressing for governments - Martin Krengel, Citkomm, Germany

9. IPv6 transition in the Spanish government - the Spanish GEN6 pilot - Carlos Gómez Muñoz

10. Introduction of IPv6 in Portuguese Public Administration: action plans and coordination
Fernando Mira da Silva, IST

11. IPv6 now!
Pedro Veiga, ISOC Portugal

12.  IPv6 energy monitoring @ schools - Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Intelen, Inc, Greece

13. IPv6 in Public Safety
Janez Sterle and Mojca Volk, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

14. IPv6 Policies and Government Benchmarking in Europe
Jiri Prusa, CZ.NIC, Czech Republic

15. Technical Session IPv6 (1): A gentle technical introduction to IPv6 
Pedro Ribeiro, ISEL/IPL

16. Technical Session IPv6 (2) – Transition and addressing plans
Carlos Friaças, FCCN

17. Technical Session IPv6 (3): IP services
Jorge Matias, IST

Presentations Roadshow Berlin 24./25.11.2014