Cross-border pilots

GEN6 has planned two cross-border pilots. One pilot is targeted at the interconnection of national government backbones and European networks like sTESTA in order to ensure a wider IPv6 readiness and interoperation for European cross-border services. This will be possible because most of the partners are connected to those backbones. This is of importance for cross-border connectivity and services and as already discussed with DIGIT, responsible for the sTESTA operation, it may be feasible to use, in the worst case, IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels, or even better, depending on the sTESTA transition plans, native IPv6 connectivity.

The second pilot aims for a service of high cross-border interest: Public Safety Networks and the greater benefits brought in to this critical sector by IPv6 features (such as “on the fly networking”). The pilot will be demonstrated between Slovenia, Luxembourg and Spain.