National Pilots

GEN6 will have four different national pilots. Some of them replicated in a complementary way in different countries, considering different existing approaches with IPv4:

  • IPv6 upgrade of eGoverment Network Infrastructures, e-Identification, Services and Applications (Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey).
  • IPv6 upgrade of Secure Cloud Services (Luxembourg).
  • IPv6 upgrade of Energy Efficiency in School Networks (Greece).
  • IPv6 upgrade of Emergency Response Environments (Slovenia).

Replicating many aspects of the pilots across different existing infrastructures in different countries, that have different approaches, allows more alternatives to be tested in real scenarios, providing a broader view for the replication of the project results across Europe, while actually the project approach reduces the cost, because of the parallel learning and knowledge exchange among partners, and maximizes the impact of the resources involved in the project.