The GEN6 pilots investigate the transition to IPv6 in several complementary pilots. To provide the experiences made to a broad public the results of all pilots are summarized in a set of booklets. These booklets provide basic information, show guidelines or outline best practices. All still published GEN6 booklets can be found beneath.

1) Government motivation-Booklet

2) Addressing and Transition

3) 6inACTION-Booklet

4) IPv6 Application in the road domain

5) Energy efficiency in school networks with IPv6

6) Secure Election - Infrastructures based on IPv6 clouds

7) National-Level IPv6 - Addressing Concept for the Government

8) Requirement Analysis for eGovernment Services with IPv6

9) IPv6 Pilot in Turkey - Stimulating IPv6 Upgrades of Public Network an e-Government Services

10) IPv6 Standards and RFcs - What Profiles can do

11) IPv6 Implementation - In Existing eGovernment Infrastructures

12) IPv6 in academic networks