Guideline IPv6

To foster professional use of IPv6, rules and guidelines have been developed with a special focus on public administration to set up a starting point and to the enable the transition to IPv6. These results are now publicly available. They can be used for procurement processes of new devices, the evaluation of existing hardware and software and in the implementation of and transition to IPv6. As a very condensed version, a booklet on the use of profiles for IPv6 has been created by the GEN6 project.

The full IPv6 profile for the public administration described in this booklet document supports the evaluation of existing devices and procurement processes. The definition of necessary / mandatory, useful / recommended and optional features of IPv6 devices enables the detailed specification of selection criteria. Requirements can be specified in terms of device roles (router, firewall …) and usage contexts (stationary, mobile …), simplifying the assessment of the fulfilment. The profiles can also be used to assess existing devices, concerning their usability in IPv6 environments.

The booklet can be downloaded here. It also links to further information such as the full profile matrix.