IPv6 is there – are you still there: GEN6 at conference new government

Today the ongoing roll out in IPv6 was shown to attendees at the conference new government in Leipzig, Germany. Decision makers and experts from the federal government, the national states and at municipality level meet here to discuss new strategies and trends for modern government. The GEN6 activities were presented in a separated track. Referent Dr. Werner Schülting initially reported the current state of IPv6 deployment in Germany and other European countries. Martin Krengel reported on the experiences of Citkomm in real implementation of IPv6 in the infrastructure of a municipality data centre. He stated that there was no show stopper so far. The need for IPv6 was impressive shown by the massive growth of IPv6 in the Internet, especially in Germany. For the internal networks IPv6 has to be identified as a mandatory infrastructure component, as Microsoft as the most popular operating system platform in governmental networks still has set IPv6 in this state since 2008. In the third talk Uwe Holzmann-Kaiser showed the useful IPv6 profiles, that are available from the Bundesverwaltungsamt in Germany, in German language and as well in English. These profiles describe detail information on RfC’s and features, that must be supported by a IPv6 enabled component for a given purpose. So the IPv6 profiles a very helpful support to ensure an IPv6 ready procurement of new components from now on, even if the transition project itself hasn’t started yet.